NOV 8 Lunar Eclipse - Release and create space for more gifts!

NOV 8 Lunar Eclipse - Release and create space for more gifts!

Welcome and gratitude for being here!

This week is a perfect week to release, create space and allow for the wonder of what's next. This release will serve our inner peace well as no doubt what's to be released is creating inner conflict.

Why is this a perfect week to release? Well we as humans, we are connected with nature and the cycles of nature, yes even the moon and stars. This week a full lunar eclipse occurs early Tuesday morning. A natural and yet unusual event - usually only 2 x per year and often not a full eclipse.

The UK Natural History Museum describes it as... "A lunar eclipse is what happens when, if you were standing on the Moon, you would see Earth block out the Sun. It involves the Moon passing directly into Earth's shadow as all three bodies align." Full article here. Here is a NASA quick video showing what happens

In North America we will be able to see the whole thing!! If you can get up early:) Its full shadow will be evident, making the moon a 'blood red' colour at about 6 am EST at the height of the full shadow of the eclipse. These eclipses do take hours as the sun and earth and moon move through this cycle and its height of the full shadow lasts about an hour. Here's a link to all the timing and visibility details

Symbolically this is a wonderful time to set our intentions to release ...

patterns of behaviour or thinking that are not serving us well. Each of us, with a little reflection, can identify these limiting beliefs or behaviours - they are completely individual - take a minute now - most likely it won't take long to identify at least one:)

Set your intention to release this before you sleep Monday night and affirm again on Tuesday morning - maybe while watching the eclipse or just as you get up. This release creates space for something new to come into our lives - allow the space and invite the 'new'.

I will be watching the lunar eclipse and intend to stream it live on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile we know that the US mid term elections are that day - so no doubt unusual circumstances will be played out. SO many world happenings are creating chaos - what can we do individually?

Our job is to take care of and attend to our own inner peace so we can be a beacon of light and peace in the tumultuous times. We only can control ourselves - so let's do what we can, when we can.

Maybe take a minute now to write down your 'release' intentions, 'warming them up' for full release early Tuesday morning. Invite in what you'd like more of. Perhaps inviting in what would serve you best for your next evolution. We are always evolving individually - the only thing that is constant is change.

Only you will know for you what you want to release and bring in.

Meanwhile exciting times indeed. A wise woman once said to me 'wonder don't worry' and it has served me well. I hope it may help you.

I love to leave room for possibility and wonder - it reminds me of the bigger cycles of nature and powerful forces that are at work that we just can't see.

Take an intentional step in your life - release what you don't need.

Then with positive expectations wonder - invite in the new.

It's a brave new world - let's have courage to lead with peace.

Many blessings and may you be at peace,



Wendy Weir

Inner Peace Activator


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