Morning Rituals with Leah Goard

Leah Goard is a soul searching, strategic business and lifestyle consultant, speaker, author and woman in hot pursuit of the multi-layered answer to one very important question… “What does it truly take to thrive in business and life?”

Leah’s company Define, Design, Align is dedicated to helping courageous individuals and businesses find clarity, rediscover their purpose & direction, reclaim their freedom & create a sustainable abundant lifestyle.

My Morning Rituals

One of the most important practices that makes a profound difference in my focus, energy and how I feel navigating my day is My Morning Ritual.

The truth is that I struggled with my morning ritual for years until I finally made the commitment to one that truly supports me. The key is that I started with one change at a time! Here’s a snapshot of my morning routine and some links to resources that you may want to check out.

The key is that I am committed and flexible. Some days I fit most of it in, but when life is full, I alternate what I do based on how I feel. I celebrate the days I get it all in and also the ones where all I can do is show up for 10 minutes on my mat. What matters most is that I – and you – just keep showing up as best that we can.                                                                             

How you wake up in the morning is in essence how you live your life! Cultivating a morning ritual practice that works for you will have a very powerful, positive ripple effect.


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