Inspiring Tea Moments

Here at Libre tea we love to inspire tea moments! The original tea moment inspiration was on a bus in Shanghai from the original trip that sourced the Libre tea glasses. Everyone it, seemed, had their green tea with them in all sorts of containers and you would see them in all shapes and sizes in all different contexts.

 The Original Tea Moment Inspiration:

One day on a busy bus in downtown Shanghai – we were packed shoulder to shoulder and I was anxious to know my stop so I was up front with the bus driver and in the midst of all this traffic and people chaos we came to a red light. The bus slowed and then stopped – the bus driver reached down and grabbed ‘what looked like a pickle jar’ with his green tea – he stopped, he detached from the mayhem and he took a lovely slow sip – his own break, a ‘time out of time’ – a tea moment! Once the light turned green he was ready to go again answering questions and navigating traffic.

The quiet rest and time out from the chaos is so needed for us to restore and stay connected with ourselves – to ‘recenter’ and take a breath- to momentarily, at least slow down.

We all need to restore within our busy days and seems life is not getting less hectic but more so our mission is to inspire tea moments with the Libre Glass Infuser.

Over the next several weeks we will look into these tea moments. We will focus on tea moments that can be experienced anywhere, anytime and provide new ideas and ways to become more aware and include tea moments throughout our day to help us reflect, connect and regenerate to create that relaxing and restorative ‘ahhh … a tea moment’ experience.

We believe tea moments are of great benefit personally and cumulatively to society – how do you find tea moments benefit you?

We invite you to follow along and share what works for you.

We hope you enjoy some relaxing tea moments and have a thought – what makes them special for you?

Have a relaxing, tea-filled weekend!

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