Gratitude through Living

In Canada our fall harvest is a little earlier and this weekend is Thanksgiving weekend! We have so many things to be grateful for. Our daily practice of nourishing and refreshing mini-moments to keep us at our best for our family, friends and work place is also something to appreciate.

Depending on how we are feeling or what we are doing it can be very hard to feel and show gratitude.

Ways to feel gratitude and thankful throughout the week:

  • Cooking is a great time to fell grateful for the food and family we have, for the stove and refrigerator.
  • Household chores, as boring and laborious as they are, give us the opportunity to appreciate the roof over our head and walls that surround us, the heat and the comfort.
  • When we have a tea moment if we can stop and look around noticing the colours that we see and listening to the sounds we hear and be grateful that we have those senses.
  • While at work, having a thankful mini-moment for the job we have and our transportation to work, whether car, bus, bike or even our feet : )
  • Our health is another thing to be appreciated. Even when ill we can look around and find others feeling worse.  This is a good opportunity to be grateful and pass on good thoughts to others. Being sick often forces us to stop and take time for us, something we might not have done otherwise.

The Practice of Gratitude with Ashley Davis Bush

These are only a few ways to be thankful and feel gratitude, for what we have and the lives that we live, throughout the week.

Here at Libre Tea we are thankful for all our family, friends and customers. Without you we would not be where we are today! We are thankful to our customers who often buy Libre for others – we appreciate your sharing and inspiring tea moments.

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