Enjoy Green Herb Infusions

March is a month of green…with spring flowers popping up, new green leaves decorating the trees and St. Patrick’s Day coming we are finding inspiration in this beautiful & grounding theme. Here we have dandelion with orange and mint with cucumber together for fresh Libre herb infusions.


Adding herbs to your infusions not only adds flavour but health benefits too!

Here are a few green herbs and their benefits for you to try with your next cup of tea:

Mint – high in antioxidants, natural decongestant and aids indigestion

Dandelion – helps to detoxify the liver, decrease joint and muscle pain

Thyme – is a natural anti – fungal and antibiotic, great for respiratory support

Basil – reduces blood glucose levels, lowers cholesterol and reduces asthma symptoms

Oregano – a natural histamine reducer and helps with nasal and respiratory congestion

Nettle – Helps with coughs, asthma, muscle & joint problems, allergies

Rosemary – Helps with headaches and fevers, poor circulation


Steeping fresh herbs are always best for taste and health benefits, but dried herbs can be used if fresh are not available.


What unique herb infusions have you tried?

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