Does Gratitude affect Inner Peace?

Does Gratitude affect Inner Peace?

Yes its Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend - so much to be grateful for - the colours of nature are really brilliant this year. And no doubt many of us will have a full table of food and people we love too:) SO Blessed.

Just so much to be grateful for!! There is a lot of research that shows a practise of being grateful regularly - daily - can improve so many things in our life - our outlook especially.

And I pondered does gratitude affect Inner Peace?

If we are not at peace - often we are suffering from inner conflict and that is the result of our world not being as we'd like it.

So... gratitude can remind us what is going well, what we do appreciate - taking our mind and attention away from what is not going right.

When we start to a recognize how our life has many aspects that do bring good feelings of gratitude - for just how it is now.

As a human we are wired to look for what's not right so we can keep ourselves 'safe', back from the days when we were chased by bears or lions or otherthreatening enemies. Now is our opportunity to strengthen the other side of the equation - consciously noting what we are grateful for!

The muscle of appreciation and gratitude is built with practise and yes it can affect our inner peace - when we are not experiencing inner conflict we are at peace!

With Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for and build our mind muscle to experience gratitude and peace. Let us pull ourselves out of our sometimes conflicted world with a gratitude practise. Its a great tool to experience more inner peace more often:)

I am grateful to share this offering with you and bring forward topics to inspire and activate inner peace. It is my passion and I am very grateful for your ear and so appreciate your willingness to attend to this topic in your life.

Regarding Inner Peace for your Body I am truly grateful and excited for all of you who chose to sign up and show up for our Somatic Stretch practise last week !! SO enjoyed sharing this relaxing practise of inner awareness

Good News!! 2 more Free Somatic Stretch Classes next week.

Wednesday and Friday at 12:30 pm PDT

The registration link is here - please join me then.

There will be a replay link available as well to enjoy the practise at your convenience.

Loving this Canadian fall with its glorious colours and the leaves showing us their brilliance before they let go and fall to the ground.

Happy Thanksgiving to you - I am grateful you are here!

May peace be with you:)



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