Creating the Perfect Tea Moment

So many tea moments waiting in your tea cupboard…

What’s in your tea cupboard? So many people have quite a few teas and tea infusers. Below you’ll see our true confessions of our tea cupboards. We recommend you pull them out and sort through your teas – in sealed bags – great!  And less than a year old – super!  Some of your fresher ones may make great new custom blends – let your imagination go – berries and chamomile, earl grey and white rose?

And by the way where do you buy your tea – what’s your favourite tea shop? We love to hear and our readers too for great new sources for wonderful teas.

Now, for the tea moments 🙂

That first sip of tea from a freshly made cup of tea is so relaxing and rejuvenating and take a few simple and essential ingredients:

  • hot water
  • your favourite tea
  • tea infuser cup or Libre Tea glass
  • milk and sugar if needed
  • a little time

And a loving and grateful intention.

Enjoy your tea moments – remember the simple pleasure of a hot fresh cup of tea – and with your Libre tea glass infuser you can enjoy these moments anywhere, anytime.

At Libre, we prefer loose tea as it contains more flavour and holds the flavour longer. As well, loose tea can be re-steeped multiple times, giving you more value for your money – green teas can be steeped 2-3 times, oolong often up to 5 times, even black tea can be steeped at least 2 times. Pictured here is one of Wendy and Cindy’s tea cupboards 🙂

A reference guide for suggested steeping times for various teas and tisanes that will help you create a wonderful refreshing and rejuvenating cup of tea for a relaxing and nourishing tea moment.

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