Catching up

The catching up is bringing this blog up to date. Hard to believe it has been so long. There have been a lot of activity over the last few months.

My favourites include Libre in cooperative promotions to do good works. Since Mothers Day and giving some proceeds to clean water funds we have been at several fundraising events.

The Camp Moomba yogathon fundraiser for kids with AIDS and summer camps  was a marvellous and well organised event. There was over a 1000 yogis in Thunderbird stadium at UBC in Vancouver – i’ll post a great ‘tree moment’ that was particularly poignant. Another yoga endeavour was attending a yoga retreat in Paradise Valley not far from Whistler – at this event we had the opportunity to sell the tea glass and gave over 80% of proceeds to Yoga Outreach, a non-profit organisation that coordinates volunteer efforts of yoga teachers to take yoga into the community for the disenfranchised and encarcerated – an excellent organisation and event that i have attended in the past. Amazing to be ‘doing business’ while practising yoga. Being a big yoga fan and the great fit of yogi’s  with Libre tea glasses – so many yogis are big tea fanatics – which means loose leaf – i’ve decided to focus my efforts to connect with the yoga community.

The first event we’ll attend is the yoga conference in Vancouver Oct 3 and 4 – hope to be able to take in a couple of classes too. Just amazing that i can bring these two loves together – Libre and yoga.

As well we’ve participated with Kairos who raise funds with tea parties – a perfect fit with the Libre tea glasses. And of course given many prizes to charitable organisations looking to fund raise with silent auctions – Sunshine Coast Community Services, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Mentoring Program, Salmon Enhancement Society, and Langara College. Since introducing the Libre to Miss604 (vancouver blogger extrodinaire) we’ve been able to be involved with a blogathon and twestival fundraisers.

Never am i so happy as when i can give back – truly the brand core of Libre – we are all interconnected.

A tea moment for me is that moment of reflection in our busy day and world to connect with self and the world and remember our interconnection – our actions affect all no matter how small, a smile to a stranger even – let the love flow.

Wishing you a tea moment or two in your day – to connect with yourself and the world

Recycle, reuse, reflect

Will keep this posting updated with new initiatives that Libre is involved with – follow us on Twitter @librelifeglass

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