A Peace Practise for you

A Peace Practise for you

How is September going for you?

SO much is going on and seemingly less settled than ever. Are you feeling this, too?

DO you wish you could shift these feelings, or wish you could cultivate inner peace anytime you want?

With practise, I've found I can - and practise I have done!

In this video, I share a meditative affirmation to cultivate peace - that only a couple weeks ago transformed my bad mood to 'nirvana' - I include this story, too. 

We posted one a day for 10 days on Instagram and Facebook.

Truly, we want to inspire more peace in the world - and we believe we can each contribute to more peace in this world.

Thanks for listening,  I hope you will try out affirming peace in your heart.
It feels so good and isn't that what its all about?
Feeling good, enjoying the moments of our day.

Yes our Libre #glasstogo promote peace - glass is the safest surface and it's protected - yes you can be at peace on the go 🙂.

Be well, please take good care of you,

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