4 Tips To Stay Healthy and Balanced When Life Is Busy

Guest Post by Grace Hodgin

My husband and I have a fun and loving marriage but it is a relationship that we have had to work on through trial and error. Having different areas of interest and starting a new business keeps us busy and not always at home at the same time.

We established some rules and routines to keep our relationship happy as well as keeping us physically fit. Now that the holidays are coming we are depending on these routines to keep us grounded so we don’t suffer from the holiday stress.


Establishing an exercise routine and maintaining it before the holidays come I think was a smart plan.

I set my yoga routine at the same time every morning before the day begins so I do not become occupied with the tasks on my to do list. Yoga is not only good for my physical health and keeping my body toned but also it seems to bring me peace of mind as well.

Exercise releases endorphins which also works with the receptors in the brain. Endorphins help create more positive feelings towards life and also helps to make one feel energetic. There are so many great yoga DVD’s and programs on the television that can keep an exercise routine different so it never needs to become boring.

I think there is a great value of starting an exercise regime and making it a solid routine before the holidays. Often the holidays brings on stress and depression so keeping our endorphins active seems like a positive step in avoiding the pressures and depression that can creep up on us during the holidays. After yoga I meditate and then make a list of things that is important for me to accomplish during the day.

“I begin my new day with a shower, then a cup of hot tea and breakfast. My work day begins energized and calmly knowing what I want to accomplish.”

Staying Balanced

I found keeping a reminder visible is a great way to double check myself to make sure I’m staying balanced. I have a small flamingo replica near my computer so I can mentally ask myself if I’m staying balanced and keeping everything in check.

One day I got off my routine because of a phone call that ate into my yoga and meditation time. Skipping breakfast I went to my computer and saw that my flamingo was gone. Looking around I found it had fallen on the floor and took that as a sign to go eat breakfast and begin my day the way it was suppose to start. I was already off balance and the day had not even really started. Those visual reminders really do work!

Making Time For Each Other

On my husband’s days off I make sure I exercise and meditate before he wakes up. We spend some time talking and establishing things we want to do and take care of in our life and for our home once a week in the morning. We have also found that a great activity for us to keep our relationship happy and health is to plan a date once a month to the movies and out to eat. We also make sure we invite family members over for a meal at least every other month. Getting together with like minded people we enjoy seems to bring us together closer as a couple.

Planning and Discussing Finances

We discuss gift buying ideas for the holidays and set a limit on the total amount we feel is healthy for our bank account. Getting carried away with the holiday spirit and all those great sales can really be mentally and financially exhausting when the holidays are over. We create a clear plan we both agree on for financial purchases though out the year and especially during the holidays.

Communication and taking the time to discuss our thoughts and feelings without the other one getting defensive has helped our relationship immensely. In the past it has been easy to get busy and by pass our morning talks but we have found that making it a rule we both abide by has really kept us on track in creating and sustaining routines to keep us balanced and healthy.

Art instructor, writer and nature lover, Grace Hodgin believes that each moment is an opportunity to inspire imagination and nurture creativity. A resident of the Ocala National Forest, she can often be found sculpting clay wth her husband or enjoying a good book in the company of her senegal parrot. Connect with Grace daily on her personal blog, BlessedElements.com/Create

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